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What is the Annual Fund?

The Annual Fund is a yearly appeal for donations to support the current operations of our school.  These gifts help enhance the day-to-day life of every student and faculty members by supporting a variety of programs, including academics, faculty development, technology, music programs and fine arts, athletics, maintenance of school facilities and the library.  Annual Fund monies are raised and spent within the same fiscal year.

What is the purpose of the Annual Fund?

In order to make a Holy Rosary education accessible to as many students as possible, we do not charge the full amount that it costs to educate a student.  Only part of the operating expenses are covered by tuition revenue.  Therefore, we rely each year on unrestricted gifts from parents, relatives, friends and alumni to make up the difference.

Why is it important to give?

Everyone’s participation is critical.  Your gift, regardless of size, signifies your commitment and dedication to Holy Rosary Catholic School and its mission.  Also, a high participation percentage among parents and alumni helps us successfully solicit grants from foundations and other sources of revenue.

How can I make my gift to the Annual Fund?

Gifts can be made in several ways:

Cash: Gifts of cash are the most common forms of support.  Checks should be made payable to “Holy Rosary Catholic School” and sent directly to the Principal or Development Office, PO Box 40, Larose, LA 70373.

Credit Cards: Credit Cards donations are accepted.  The school must be contacted to initiate and inform you of terms for payment.  Please contact the bookkeeper at 985-693-3342 for more information.

Monthly or Quarterly Donations: Pledges may be spread throughout the year on a monthly basis.  Upon request, the school will send reply envelopes through the Good News for Parents, HRCS’ monthly newsletter.  Reply envelopes are also sent through the HRCS Quarterly Newsletter for Quarterly Donations. 

Can I match my gift?

Hundreds of organizations match charitable gifts of employees.  Please check with your employer to see if they will match your gift and mail in the appropriate form to Holy Rosary Catholic School along with your gift.  Last year our school received several employers’ matching donations.  The process is simple and the money it generates greatly benefits the Annual Fund program.

When can gifts be made to the Annual Fund?

Although Annual Fund gifts will be accepted anytime during the year, the current fund year begins on July 1 and ends June 30.  Early gifts and pledges reduce mailings and overhead costs, saving Annual Fund dollars for use in academic and other programs.

"I appreciate how much Holy Rosary has meant to my personal growth!  Holy Rosary Catholic School needs me and each and every one of my fellow parents and alumni to help provide for current operations.  Each one of us is personally responsible for making sure that Holy Rosary is around and thriving when our grandchildren are ready to be part of the HRCS family.”

René Danos David

Class of 1985-Former Chair of Annual Fund